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Thus they spoke…

 Jaidit Brar, Senior partner at McKinsey & Company Volatility in the last two decades has been greater than in the last 100 years. The sweet spot of success will be obtained at the intersection of innovation, creation and investment.

Suresh Raman, Head Chennai Operations, TCS

There will be a Chief Robot Welfare Officer job in future. So be prepared for continuous learning. Anytime anywhere learning is getting into reality. There are new metrics for an individual. One of the important things is Humor Quotient.

Subbiah Viswanathan, Chief Digital Officer, Apollo Hospitals

Apollo wants to provide equal healthcare. In the 34 years of operation Apollo has observed that the right of the patients has been reinforced. Hospital has become more of a service industry. Today’s consumers all have a platform, where, if one has a bad experience, can post it on the social media and make it known to the world.

Dr. P S Nair, Member, Team Aryabhatta

Team Indus is flying a privately funded spacecraft to the moon. This is the only private company in India trying for lunar exploration. They have developed a very lightweight lander. Life of the mission is currently one lunar day.
Public and investors have to be the part of the story, without which nothing can go forward.

Rajendra Singh, Chairman TBS

There is no growth without respect for nature. It comes with the indigenous knowledge system. Nine rivers have been rejuvenated. Water conservation and efficient use of water are paramount. Without respect, love and affection of nature, we cannot move forward.

T S Mohan, founder-director of Pragyan Data Labs

The Internet has flattened the competitive space. Thinner margins, more personalisation, and more extensive portfolios in the midst of commoditisation are what future is going to be. How do we innovate for scale? It is so difficult to make the employees work other than their comfort zones. Paytm fully utilised the effect of demonetisation, because they were ready to expand their scale. Uber analyses customer behaviour through Big Data analysis. Technology war is going on all over the world.

Sunil Dutt, President-Devices at Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Emerging technologies like Virtual Assistants, IoT platforms, VR, etc., are passing through expectation phase and some of them will hit the plateau of productivity in next 5-10 years. All of these have a standard requirement- high bandwidth, seamless and affordable connectivity. All this is possible only when we have scale and innovation to provide a smooth platform for these new technologies.

Syed Kirmani, former cricketer

Discipline is what builds one’s character. Whatever we do, we have to produce good results. Be dedicated and determined, do not panic and get under pressure, when you face problems.

Yogishri Sudharshan Kannan, Founder, Infinite Wings

No management school teaches about mastering oneself. There are set of people who are stress-free and happy, because, they have mastered themselves. When you tap the infinite power within, you can achieve anything you want in life. He alone is the real manager.

Dr. A Velumani, Managing Director, Thyrocare

If you have to start from scratch, you have no legacy to carry. Comfort zone means danger zone. Don’t do business for profit, do business for creating jobs. Be frugal. Stress increases when you look at your competitor. It restrains creation of new ideas. Without taking risks, one cannot shine. Fear of losing causes stress. So innovate, take risks and never worry about failure.


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