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Welcome euphoria over the east
The mid-air scare
From the very beginning
In Law WE TRUST; Everything el End of the world and the movin The case of the suspicious hu Educational shame The fight along the border DHONI SACKS ROHIT A troubled fortnight The loser is … CRICKET Welcome aboard President Kovin tragedy in the making Missile Man takes flight Of mercy petition and mercy ki Welcome to the Indian Punters Take the next leap forward... The Media Moghul Narendra Modi turns “THREE” WAR-MONGERING and a national p Bewailing monsoons the new fad The broken window People vs. Collins Turbulent years: a letdown Dresses at Temples FITTING farewell The mid-air scare Being taken for a ride Resolving disputes: Scotland, Super... In Law WE TRUST; Everything el Controversy-free Board Reserve and perish The death of cash Two more for Modi Matchless at 70 Matchless at 70 To be or not to be Throwing ink is fine Where’s the big idea? A nation of queue jumpers Jeppiar calls it a day A walk down memory’s lane One election, many lessons as The right to reject Noise on Social Networks Black-money cleanup begins at Your lordships should focus on the lost generation... One down, one to go The car dealer and the cabbie The dramatic decade – A drab d Narasimha Rao denied his right Skilling the unskilled: a sile India’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde The wily old fox PM Watch The curious case of the missin The four DISRUPTIONS of the mo There’s more to it than 49% Waylaid on the National Highw Culture of suave, gentle and B Fighter-pilot turned monk... A ride around the city The Bad, the Ugly and the Who The forgotten czar Winds of change Odd-Even Plan A tale of two Bihar babus Privatise the Railways Walking into the sunset In Law WE TRUST; Everything el Flight into danger Fall of a titan Brilliant Saeed saab Cracking the CA code Britain lobs a bomb. But it wo Editor unplugged INDIA keeps its date with des Lovely Banking experience Kanoon, Kovind and Kumble The KING is a fugitive 500/500 Vellayan is back, after 150 da A silent revolution Rajiv killers escape the gall The flawed “Pakistan policy” Bleeding Blue Odd-Even Plan The responsible journalist's a Is this for real? 2014: the election that change Nitish swords Modi The other side of the Olympic The future is here Sehwag...No soft edges The God calls it a day Even the elephant can dance Winds of change Boy, can you beat these? Indian Railways: Version 2.0 Of discrimination and rights Greater than the greatest ? Endearing Aachi... The return of the muffler man On the ‘milky’ way Major storms during the explos Lawyer's Side A bold and beautiful vision Psephologists fail the wisdom Several celebrities stung Happy birthday, Sharief History beckons MODI... What a judgment Sir-ji Put expensive assets created t Panama Papers - Several celebr A judgment that shocked a nati Winds of change... Happy birthday, Sharief Turbulent Years : A letdown The Mufti is no more The tourist town as a trading Why we get a compromised deal

V Pattabhi Ram

The future is here
Dear Great GrandPa(GGP)
Waylaid on the National Highway
People vs. Collins

MATH, OF THE variety that you studied in school, and in

The right to reject

I have always held the view that the right to vote does

the lost generation...

1947-64: Years of Innocence


Rajiv killers escape the gallows

The story of an Indian making it big outside India is n

To be or not to be
As the nation goes to poll, the question of whether one has a right not to vote is something that we need to ponder about.

It was a toss up between writing about this wonderful 5

PM Watch

Before he became our prime minister, he looked like any

Where’s the big idea?

After Dr Manmohan Singh’s two path-breaking budge


Of mercy petition and mercy killing

I have always been against death penalty because I beli

Resolving disputes: Scotland, Ajit, Dhoni

The Scottish referendum is a pointer to how honorable m

Two more for Modi

2014: the election that changed India

The broken window

I have never been a great fan of politicians, and more

The dramatic decade – A drab drama…

I must say that the President’s book, The Dramati

The flawed “Pakistan policy”

I must tell you that in my growing years, and until ver

The death of cash

If you were to ask me as to which is the single most im

Take the next leap forward...
Economic Survey

‘The Indian economy is dead. Long live the Indian

The return of the muffler man

Boy, can you beat these?

One, a man gets arrested for displaying cartoons on his

Editor unplugged

When I saw the television scroll “Vinod Mehta dea

A troubled fortnight

Rahul Gandhi has been away from the scene, presumably f

Of discrimination and rights

The other day a private company decided not to recruit

The loser is … CRICKET
Greater than the greatest ?

Is he the greatest sportsman that India has ever produc

Missile Man takes flight

Reserve and perish

I think the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has a point when he

The wily old fox

Fighter-pilot turned monk...

Endearing Aachi...

Heard of Gopishantha?  No. Heard of Aachi? Maybe.

Sehwag...No soft edges

When he first burst on the international circuit, peopl

One down, one to go

Brilliant Saeed saab

He was the actor par excellence we loved during our sch

Nitish swords Modi

In a masterly interview to Arnab Goswami, the combative

Happy birthday, Sharief
Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharief

Educational shame

Indian research scholar, Rohith Vemula, is dead. Any death is by itself

The car dealer and the cabbie stories…

I had the misfortune of multiple dents on my car. 

Lovely Banking experience

There is a bank in our country with five letters to its

Jeppiar calls it a day

A cop, a lawyer, a politician and finally an educationi

The other side of the Olympic divide

What sets the adrenalin flowing? Not religion, not war,

WAR-MONGERING and a national pastime

It 's hard to say this but at some point, it needs

The four DISRUPTIONS of the month

It began with the mother of all respectable corpor

FITTING farewell

The president, the prime minister, the vice-president o

A ride around the city

On Monday, the 23rd of Jan 2017, the Jallikattu protest

A nation of queue jumpers

Fall of a titan

He was the rising star of a new India.  As a natio

Flight into danger

A dishonourable Member of the Parliament assaulted a 60

Narendra Modi turns “THREE”

The first head of government to be born in post-in

Kanoon, Kovind and Kumble

Six months into 2017 and we are witness to the most def

Bleeding Blue

You require about 59 runs in 10 overs with seven wicket

Bewailing monsoons the new fad

The onset of northeast monsoon continues to cause water

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