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Motivating managerial excellence

A significant differentiator has been the ability of MMA to enlist talent from the luxurious pool of ex-defense personnel. MMA has been lucky in getting highly motivated and brilliant officers L Ramkumar has rich and varied experience serving Ashok Leyland, Murugappa Group, Sterlite Optical Technologies, Fenner India Ltd... For the longest


Exit polls are based on a statistical sampling method adopted in many scientific activities. The basis for exit polls is a perfectly-tested scientific method. The randomly selected subject may deliberately cheat in exit polls which is not possible with scientific entities! Another potential problem could be the sampling size. In

Engineering robots’ minds STEM)…

India has always supported science, technology, engineering and mathematics but the criticism has been that the education is too theoretical. More recently, there is a welcome shift towards making these more practical, fun and experiential. In particular, robotics competitions, catering from elementary schools to colleges, have been one of the

The thrill of the challenge

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) constitute the next generation of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Europe and the USA have increased their interest in autonomous vehicles. Basically an extension to EVs, this attracted attention primarily to cut down on accidents. Collateral benefits relate to ease-of-parking, growth of shared mobility and eventually less traffic, reduced cost