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The demi-god of reconstructive surgery

Royapuram in northern Chennai has been close to a large concentration of industrial units. Grievous accidents were common and frequent at the industrial units. There is an additional contribution to dense traffic. The government’s Stanley Medical College Hospital had a constant rush of such accident victims at the casualty ward. Many

Things are not bad. They are, actually, good!

Dear Finance Minister: The Indian economy is showing signs of slow a down, when one measures its performance from the conventional yardstick, viz., the growth in GDP. But the relevance of this method has crossed its sell-by date. There is no appropriate tool to measure the health of a deflationary economy. Analysts

A blow to IBC…

IBC’s emergence was one of the primary reasons for the rapid revival of a great deal of confidence in our financial discipline. It’s dangerous not to have control measures to ensure fiscal discipline. India has witnessed several high-profile defaults attributed to many reasons, including violation of the end use norm.