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QUIZ FOR THE DAY – 10-02-2020

Today we present infographics of KBK Graphics on Defence expenditure on revised and budget estimates for 2019-20 and budget estimates for 2020-21. Please check your familiarity with simple facts.  Today's quiz.  a. What is the government department that receives the highest funding? b. What is the name of the aircraft that the Indian Air Force

QUIZ FOR THE DAY – 09-02-2020

Today's quiz for users based on the graphics shared in FB post: a. What is the term that denotes the shortage in a government-generated income compared to expenditure? b. What is the term known as on monies received by the government through tax and non-tax revenues? Please check your answers below.  Answers:  a. Fiscal Deficit; b. Revenue

Development IS not confined to economics

Development IS not confined to economics Your write up about MIDS: [Sailing off-course, IE-January.] Your complaint that the Institute has departed from its original focus on economics. Let me clarify: MIDS was never an institute meant for development economics. It was recognised that ‘development’ could not be confined to economics

Soaring tensions

“All the world’s a stage,” said Shakespeare. For nearly four years, President Donald Trump treats the world as his stage. " The start of the New Year witnessed the assassination of Iran’s top military commander, General Qasem Soleimani, by a US drone strike on 3 January 2020. Soon after, thousands of people

He cracked even the hard nuts of Chennai

RKS was multifaceted. He backed his advertising proposals with extensive market research and data analytics, which convinced the clients on the logic for advertisement spends. These skills were extended to RKS’ involvement in the management movement. The Advertising Club of Chennai and the Madras Management Association presented the first annual endowment

Pioneer in hand surgery

RV’s focus was on recruiting quality talent, motivating them to render dedicated service, nurturing disciplined working, a patient-centric approach to delivering service and streamlined systems and procedures. It was a rich gathering of healthcare experts, including famous surgeons and physicians, insurance experts, a renowned former health secretary of Tamil Nadu who

E-health record for all…

PrescribeNET, a national electronic prescription infrastructure, is a simple solution to cure. The healthcare industry can take advantage of the digital India push. India faces massive challenges for quality healthcare delivery. Simple and scalable solutions are the need of the hour. India has have demonstrated the ability to leverage technology to