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Watchdog or Bloodhound?

Independence is about being seen to be independent. Mega frauds have made the independence of the audit profession, globally, suspect. Loot and Scoot actions of several billionaire business barons have raised questions about the integrity of the job of auditing. Many times CAs have become the quarry of disparagers as if

Applauding southern stars…

On 15 March 1993 IE celebrated its silver jubilee. IE thought of a plan to applaud business excellence. We decided to limit it to a southern corporate. The reason: in terms of size the southern corporates were relatively small. Family-dominated southern companies with modest sizes and with lack of culture for

Will ‘bad banks’ create good banks?

The bad bank is a differentiated bank, dealing only with NPAs. No, it’s not a bank that is evil.\ India’s bad loan problem has become alarming. The stress sits at Rs.14 lakh crore; meaning there is now no certainty of receiving repayment of that amount. So even if the account is


India’s democracy stood the test of time while a neighboring state slipped into the thraldom of military rule. This was because in our country the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary have respected each other and knew where to draw the line. The Indian politicians, as a class, have generally not lived

Corporate Corner

Star Health – another year of sterling performance It was another year of spectacular growth for Star Health Insurance. The gross underwriting premium income recorded a 40 per cent growth to a whopping Rs 4155 crore. The company continues to be a leader in the health insurance business. While most other general

Tribute – N Krishnaswamy

He was a sort of twin to DMK supremo M Karunanidhi: born on the same day 93 years ago. In common with MK, he had an indomitable spirit. He focused on promoting relations with Japan. N Krishnaswamy was popular teaching Economics at the A M Jain College and Vivekananda College. He

End of the auto(rickshaw) terrorism…

Times of India deserves credit for its sustained campaign against the tyranny of Chennai’s auto drivers. For years these have resisted charging by the meter, demanding fares arbitrarily and exploiting the hapless customer. TOI ran a regular campaign for months that resulted in the matter taken to the court which,

Indo-British trade at 18 billion pounds…

In the long line of British diplomats who headed the Deputy High Commission for Britain in south India, Bharat Joshi has been the first one with an Indian origin. Scheduled to complete his five-year term in September, Joshi is slated to be transferred to London. In an interaction with the media

Bloating bureaucracy

Northcote Parkinson had graphically described the unrelenting bloating of bureaucracy with little relation to output. The focus in private enterprise is on productivity and in multi-tasking. There is a substantial shrinkage of activities in several government departments unrelated to a humongous growth in numbers employed. I look at the evolution