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Coal Gasification at talcher: A five-decade dream comes true…

It is a welcome landmark: Prime Minister Narendra Modi commencing work for the Talcher fertiliser plant in Odisha based on coal gasification. It will be India’s first coal gasification plant to produce 1.27 million tonnes of neem-coated urea. A tight schedule of 36 months has been set for commencing production. Large

Madras Fertilizers: Back to glory…

In the 1970s public sector MFL did pioneering work in popularising complex fertilizers. It was so profitable! The American International Oil Company (AMOCO) that partnered Government of India and the National Iranian Oil Company, set up in quick time this large fertilizer unit. The complex fertilizer granules soon became popular and,

Medicine: The God that failed

Today we advertise ourselves, employ touts to bring patients, perform unnecessary and expensive tests and even demand cut-backs from diagnostic laboratories. - Renowned nephrologist Dr M K Mani In 1979, Dr P C Reddy with great enthusiasm presented details of his corporate hospital project to then Prime Minister Charan Singh, only to

A world without hunger by 2030

“Half of the world’s population, around 3.5 billion people, eat rice daily. By 2050 annual global rice consumption is estimated to rise from 415 million tons to 525 million tons. While more than 90 percent of this rice is eaten in Asia, including the region’s 515 million people still affected

Let bygones be bygones; move ahead.

The ghost of Bofors is severely haunting the Gandhi family. Even 30 years after Rajiv Gandhi concluding this deal, the issue of bribes taken has not died down. The Indian predeliction of not to let bygones be bygones is so glaringly visible in every aspect of Indian polity. With Modi winning the

Innovation Awards: Applauding innovation, ideation…

It is a commendable effort: to recognise, applaud and honour path-breaking entrepreneurs. C K Ranganathan, Chairman & Managing Director, Cavinkare Pvt Ltd has been presenting awards in the name of his illustrious father R Chinnikrishnan, father of the sachet revolution. CK: a great leader Starting his first business as a manufacturer of