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At 52,813 its population is far less than that of T Nagar in Chennai. But its contribution to the state is substantial. Home to a water dam, power generation plants, chemical manufacture, specialty steel making and once aluminum production, Mettur is a cross between a large village and a small

The statue of unity and other statues

When I think of statues, I think of Mayawati, the four-time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. She spent the state coffers in setting up her larger than life casts, and you couldn’t call it outstanding. I must thank Modi for helping me shift my focus. We now have the Statue of

From touch to talk

Virtual Assistants, like Alexa, will soon dominate the world and become as ubiquitous as e-mail. At Amazon, Alexa’s birthplace, a large multi-cultural, multi-functional team works to ensure that the ‘lady’ comes out as a human being! Who wants to talk to a computer? People want to talk to a human. If

When God deserted his own country

Every tragedy, whatever the cause, calls for united action. Kerala saw this year, what Chennai had seen three years ago: unprecedented floods. Something like this had last happened in God’s own country far back in 1924. To get an idea of time, 1924 is the year M Karunanidhi was born. The


Nine months from today India will go to the polls to elect the government that will rule it between 2019 and 2024. Should I go to the booth to cast my vote? If I do should I cast it in favour of one of the contestants, or should I vote NOTA? One