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The Titan world…

The Madras Management Association hosted Vinay Kamath’s book release on Titan Industries. T K Balaji, B Santhanam, L Ramkumar and Bhaskar Bhat - all alumni of IIM-A, discussed the book. Vinay, an Associate Editor with The Hindu Business Line, is known for his insights into the corporate world. He has delved

A consummate Economic Journalist

I first met S Sethuraman (SS) at the Economic Editors Conference 1973. It has blossomed into an invaluable friendship of a lifetime. The senior economic journalist commanded the respect of the policymakers and fellow journalists for his erudition and deep understanding of economic issues. His pleasant disposition and ever-helpful nature instantly

A couple made for each other

For someone who has so strikingly documented 5000 years of Indian history, 500 years of medieval India, 50 years of independence and 5 years of liberalisation in the documentary 5555, talking of seven decades of his life should be easy. The innovative S Krishnaswamy (Babu) combined this autobiography with the biography

A biography of innovations from birth to maturity

R Gopalakrishnan (Gopal), worked for Hindustan Lever for thirty one years and rose to the position of vice chairman; subsequently, for close to two decades, he functioned as Director, Tata Sons. In these fifty years Gopal has had rich and varied experience to look at innovations and new products launched

A story of remarkable grit and aggressive entrepreneurial management

Introduction Indian CEOs fall into three broad categories: affable heirs; professionals who rose through the ranks; and VC funded, start-up entrepreneurs. Anil Naik defies categorisation. Ascension in L&T In 1964, Naik was interviewed by two Europeans, Baker and Hanson. That interview led to Naik’s joining L&T on 15 March 1965. At the