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CEA QUITS AFTER PRESSING FAMILY COMMITMENTS Arvind Subramanian, known as super Subbu during his IIMA days for his high IQ, stepped down as Chief Economic Adviser. He is leaving the finance ministry eleven monts before the end of his term in May 2019. He succeeded Raghuram Rajan to the slot. Over the last three


On all accounts organising the Defence Expo in Tamil Nadu is a landmark event. Over 500 Indian companies and more than 150 foreign companies attended. From earlier practices of exhibiting defence products from developed countries, Defexpo 18 show called India’s manufacturing capabilities. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman deserves commendation for her initiative

On the ‘milky’ way

In 2009, the year when the UPA won a second term, Srikumar and his wife Rashima boarded a flight out of London that would take them to Odisha. By itself, it was no big deal. Every day, hundreds of passengers leave England for India. What marked the present one as