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In the new-India, each state in the true spirit of healthy federalism competes with the other to perform better. As India gets ready to step into Industry 4.0, we need to realise that the quantum leap cannot be restricted to industry alone. If the city around us does not make

India’s nuclear power state

In the area of nuclear energy in India, Tamil Nadu can lay claim to several firsts. Dr Homi Bhabha, the celebrated scientist, selected Kalpakkam for setting up India’s third nuclear power plant (MAPS). The first indigenous PHWR reactor was erected here after the Canadians walked out of the collaboration with India

TN is now ‘power surplus’

Tamil Nadu is now a power surplus state. With handsome additions planned, this comfort will continue. Tamil Nadu has an installed capacity of 29,000 MW. The state added new energy capacity of 13,287 MW to the grid since 2011 through commissioning of new power units under state and Central sectors and

Demand constantly ahead of capacity…

For the past 50 months, the Indian Aviation industry has seen double-digit, month-over-month growth, and this trend continues. To facilitate this growth, infrastructure development needs to go hand-in-hand. Chennai was once the gateway for entire south India, and even today Tamil Nadu is unique with four International Airports spread across the