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India’s turn to shine in Nuclear Power

With many countries planning to phase out traditional sources of power, nuclear energy production is gaining credence. Although India has put in considerable effort through indigenous efforts, several challenges lay ahead. Nuclear technology has made formidable advances and is now one of the safest sources of energy production. It fares much

Lessons from US shale revolution

Shale revolution in the US has delivered spectacular results through efficient policy management and enticing investment opportunities. What is blocking India from hitting the same bull’s-eye? As predicted by geologist M L King Hubbert, the US oil production peaked at 11.3 million barrels per day (MMBD) in 1970, reaching a low

Innovation in India for 2030

How should India innovate to lead the world for emerging markets? India has a long tradition of innovation. The iron pillar of Delhi, erected during Chandragupta’s time, stays without corrosion even after millennia. The weighing scale, which predates banking, is traced to the Indus Valley civilisation. And it was scientist J

Pivotal bridge to a propitious future

The Indian logistics sector is evolving from being a pure transport provider to an integral part of the India growth story. By 2030, it would set the benchmark for global players. AN Increasing awareness of the crucial role of logistics and supply chain in India’s growth has made the sector progress

Corridors for PROGRESS

Surface transport, particularly road transport, plays a pivotal role in linking all other modes of transportation. A useful transport infrastructure is part of the enabling environment for rapid, efficient and sustainable economic growth. India has an extensive and diversified transport system, comprising 3.31 million km of roads, 63,465 km of rail,

It is a mad, MAD ad world today

An insider’s narration of the dramatic transformation in the field of Indian advertising over the last five decades. Advertising has had an eloquent history in India. Western thinking and English- based scripts dominated its early days. By the 1960’s, reputed international agencies like J Walter Thompson, Ogilvy Benson and Mather and


A growing middle class, rising disposable incomes, high volume of content consumption and a favourable regulatory environment are driving the digital media industry and helping it flourish. The global media and entertainment industry has witnessed significant technological and market changes in the last decade. In India, the changes have been even

Aiding Export Promotion

Most countries strive to increase their exports. The more they export, the higher their competitive advantage. They gain expertise in producing goods and services. Trends and buying preferences gives the exporter ideas for improvement and innovations. Government encourage exports. It increases jobs, brings in higher wages and raises the standard of

Rise of the Indian Insurance market

Both ‘insurance density’ and ‘penetration’ in India are among the lowest in the world. ‘Economic growth’ presents us with a God-sent opportunity to spread insurance. Our Insurance Act of 1938 is one of the most comprehensive pieces of law. A notable aspect of it is that no risk, of whatever kind,


Four ‘drivers of change’ and the three ‘major shifts’ would have severe ramifications across occupations, including CA. The first driver of change is Globalisation. The world today is far more borderless than ever before. It has compressed both time and space. In the years ahead this is going to get accentuated