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Walmart still at the top

Fortune magazine’s listing of the world’s largest companies underscores how Chinese companies are surging ahead. These have been growing bigger and are rapidly spreading their operations across the globe. This change has been taking place over the last decade and a half. For a couple of decades, American companies dominated the

In a deep crisis

Tamil Nadu is dependent on monsoons, which have become increasingly unreliable. For several years IE has been pointing to the imperative for the state moving away from water-intensive crops, notably sugarcane and rice. Recent developments reinforce the need for urgent action on this. The sugar industry in Tamil Nadu has a

Going gaga over Gobain

Dr. PONNI M CONCESSAO Partner, Ponni and Oscar, Architects “Saint-Gobain carried out events including one for women. This is important because today 70 per cent of the architects are women. This is in sharp contrast to the time when I went to the Regional Engineering College in Trichy where I was the

Glass is not just a plain see-through

For several decades, Architects C R Narayana Rao (Consultants) Private Limited have designed hundreds of iconic buildings. The company has kept pace with the tectonic changes that have been taking place in building materials, construction techniques and the sheer size and volume of the buildings. If for long Dare House

Well fused relationship

“Market for processed glass is growing multiple folds. Glass manufacturers like Saint-Gobain have been introducing new attributes and USPs in the usage of glass. The close cooperation between the glass manufacturer and a glass processor helps to get the best out of the growing demand. Fuso and Saint-Gobain association exemplifies