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Watchdog or Bloodhound?

Independence is about being seen to be independent. Mega frauds have made the independence of the audit profession, globally, suspect. Loot and Scoot actions of several billionaire business barons have raised questions about the integrity of the job of auditing. Many times CAs have become the quarry of disparagers as if


Industrial economist has had the opportunity to look from the ringside seat at the spectacular transformation of the Indian polity and economy for 50 years. We covered the legislative assembly in Tamil Nadu. We travelled extensively looking at projects in places as far away as Udaipur, Aizwal, Singarauli and oil

Unity leads to prosperity

A robust cooperative endeavour from both the Union and the states is necessary to accelerate India’s development.  From the special article on Cooperative Federalism by Dr M Govinda Rao, Emeritus Professor, NIPFP, New Delhi Such special articles by 25 other such experts on the theme India 2030 will appear in the IE Golden Jubilee

Thus they spoke…

 Jaidit Brar, Senior partner at McKinsey & Company Volatility in the last two decades has been greater than in the last 100 years. The sweet spot of success will be obtained at the intersection of innovation, creation and investment. Suresh Raman, Head Chennai Operations, TCS There will be a Chief Robot Welfare

Building global greats…

Emerging markets are slated to record much higher economic growth than the developed and less developed economies. 60 per cent of the growth is slated to come from emerging economies. China and India would be leading this.  This gratifying takeaway was provided at a serene celebration of the silver jubilee of