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A Boon for burn Victims

A Boon for burn Victims

Collagen, the most abundant protein found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons, is the substance that holds human body together. Collagen dressing, a novel application of collagen membrane on the burns of fire victims, was pioneered at CLRI by late Dr. P K Sehgal, Dr. Mary Babu and other accomplished doctors at the Bio Product and Bio material divisions of CLRI. The innovative process, which enjoyed the support of former directors like Dr. G Thyagarajan, Dr. K V Raghavan and Dr. T Ramasami, was duly patented as well.

Collagen dressings are derived from animal sources, such as bovine (cattle), equine (horse) or porcine (pig) sources and sheep intestine. The dressing helps to promote the growth of new collagen at the wound site, therby prompting speedier recovery.

Clinical trials of this innovative procedure were conducted at the Burns Unit of Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital. Dr. K Mathangi Ramakrishnan, Chief of Plastic Surgery and Burns and Chairperson of Kanchi Kamakoti Trust Hospital, has been closely working with the biotechnology division of CLRI on efficacy of collagen as a biological dressing. Collagen dressings are not only cost effective but also ideal for hot, humid weather. It can be left exposed and wound healing can be watched. This procedure can save innumerable burn victims and is used all over India and Europe. 

With Diwali around, Burns Association of India and RLT Foundation organised a fire fighting demoon 6 October 2017. School children were shown the correct way of burning crackers, how to use fire extinguisher and what the preventive measures to avoid such accidents were.  – V Durga & Shubra Narayan

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