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Green energy, not really green?

AN 850KW wind turbine releases 20,476 kilogrammes of carbon-di-oxide. It was the result of the life cycle analysis done at the Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt. Ltd. To combat this the company along with Orient Green Power Company Ltd, have started a new initiative called green turbine project. “Although the power
generated from the wind turbine generator is green, the turbine leaves back carbon footprints from
manufacturing to installation,” said Ramesh Khymal, CMD-Gamesa. The company plans to plant 115 trees in its wind farms which would absorb the carbon emission of a single turbine within ten years. Dr M S Swaminathan, Agriculture Scientist and Chairman of M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF)
unveiled the green plan. A welcome combat to make wind power completely green. 
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