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Outlays and outcome the long gap

Every year the Chennai Corporation tries to repair the roads and storm water drainage before the onset of monsoon. This year the Corporation had set ambitious plans of re-laying several inner roads along with upgraded sewage and storm water drainage measures.

    Around Rs 1000 crore have been spent for this already. Till date this is the highest amount spent by the Corporation. Yet the work at many places are left halfway citing non-payment.

    Upgradation of roads have been billed at Rs 555 crore, storm water drains at Rs 260 crore, streetlights at Rs 102 crore and improving parks at Rs 28 crore. The high amounts spent did not result in expected outcomes. The Chennai Corporation has 285 employees per lakh of  population. This is way less compared to cities like London which has 2755 employees per lakh of citizens.  

    Plastic-based cement roads were tested in the city. The Corporation welcomed people to part with their plastic waste, which were to be used for this project.

    After acquiring machines worth Rs 72.66 lakh and spending Rs 1.39 crore to set up facilities and collection centres, not even 50 per cent of the target is met. Powerful road contractor lobbies are blamed for this.

    They stall such practices as they cannot get tenders to re-lay roads often. The receptive Mayor should look into these loopholes and make rules more stringent.

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