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the lost generation...

1947-64: Years of Innocence

•    Nehru as PM.

•    Commanding heights of the public sector.

•    The war against China.


1965-76: Garibi Hatao

•    Shastri as PM.

•    Green revolution.

•    Indira Gandhi takes over.

•    Bangladesh’s war of liberation.

•    Internal Emergency.


1977-79: Janata Experiment

•    People vote with their feet.

•    Politicians squabble.

•    JP dies a disillusioned man.


1980-84: The return of Madam Gandhi

•    Was to be the government that works.

•    Lost years.

•    Operation Blue Star.

•    The second assassination.


1985-89: New Deal?


•    The promise to race India into the 21st century.

•    Mr. Clean bowled by Bofors.

•    Computerisation  and telecom revolution begins.


1989-90: Alliances (1989-90)

•    First alliance government.

•    Mandal.

•    Mandir.


1991-96: Reform years

•    Rao and Singh open up the economy.

•    Singh promises Eldorado.


1996-98: Confusion

•    Khichdi governments and tea parties.


1998-04: NDA

•    Pokhran.  Gujarat riots.

•    Kandahar.

•    India shining?


2004-14: Singh is King?

•    Technocrat as CEO.

•    High growth track.

•    Goes nuke.

•    RTI Act, RTE Act.

•    Scandals galore.

•    Hazare and the Lok Pal.

•    AK 47 arrives.



What lies in 2014 and beyond? There were disappointments following buoyant hopes. As in 1977 when JP lead the promise of a total revolution. As in 1985 when Rajiv talked of a clean and efficient government. As in 2004 when the arrival of a  technocrat CEO was thought to mean that politicians will take a backseat. And now with AAP showing political naiveté and spoiling for a street fight, with BJP still accused of being derisive and the Congress in disarray, what the future holds?



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