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‘Sai’ Srinivasan no more

‘Sai’ Srinivasan no more

Sensing the potential of the power business in the early years of independence, N S Sethuraman, along with V Srinivasan (VS), entered into a collaboration with Westinghouse, USA, in 1961 and created facilities for the production of ceramic insulators. They also undertook projects to install high tension power lines in India and overseas. The company emerged despite dealing with bureaucratic hurdles at the state electricity boards, as a leader in the energy sector. WS Industries also built good export custom based on the quality of its products that enjoyed custom from several developed countries as well.

VS was a past president of CII and lent his counsel Pan-India. Gentle and suave, Srinivasan was intimately involved with the Sathya Sai Central Trust. He was closely associated with the extensive social amelioration activities that extended to Education and Medicare. 

IE sends its condolences to his sons Murali Venkataraman and Narayanan Sethuraman and their near and dear ones.

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