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Remembering Chariji

Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari (Chariji) was a man who straddled the material and spiritual worlds with equanimity.

Chariji earned his BSc degree from Benaras Hindu University and later went to Yugoslavia to study plastics manufacturing.  In 1955, he joined the TTK group and rose to the position of Executive Director. Around this time, Chariji also became the most dedicated disciple of Babuji Maharaj and eventually succeeded him as the President of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission . He then became the spiritual guide to Sahaj Marg followers.  His book My Master, a personal tribute to Babuji, has been published in 20 languages.

I still remember that Christmas morning two decades back, when I got initiated into the mission. Like for me, he has been the centrifugal force for all the abhyasis or followers.

He was a man of multiple talents. Proficient in many languages, he was a brilliant orator. At the Manapakkam ashram in Chennai, he would tirelessly conduct weekly satsang (meditation session). In Sahaj Marg it is understood that the master is the greatest servant. Chariji’s entire existence was devoted to this cause. As an abhyasi, I can say that his absence from the mortal world only enhances his presence in each follower’s heart.


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