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He breathed transport development

The birth centenary of T S Santhanam (08 November 2012) was celebrated on a low key. Sons, S Ram and S Viji, preferred to celebrate it as an in-house event, reflecting the TVS tradition.

SANTHANAM, ONE OF the five sons of the founder of the TVS  Group, T V Sundram Iyengar, is
remembered for his pioneering contribution to the transport sector. For over six decades, he was closely involved with the development of the transport industry in the south. His vast interests and knowledge of the sector helped in establishing the industry on firm foundations.

It is known that TV Sundram Iyengar pioneered bus transport a hundred years ago in Madurai. His Sons, T S Rajam, T S Krishna, T S Santhanam and T S Srinivasan (the other son T S Duraiswamy died early) worked together to expand the base laid by the founder.

Deep insights...

TSS migrated to Chennai in 1936 and developed deep insights into the transport industry. The growth of TVS group was organic: from bus service to parcel service, body building, tyre retreading, dealership of vehicles, distribution of auto components and, from 1962, manufacture of auto components, parts, sub assemblies, two-wheelers... 

TSS spearheaded the entry into the spare parts trade. Madras Auto Service and India Motor Parts & Accessories Ltd emerged as large and reliable distributors and dealers of a vast range of auto
components. TVS & Sons and Sundaram Motors emerged strong as distributors of utility vehicles, cars…

Transport finance, insurance...

At a very early stage, TSS identified the need for financing vehicles and insuring these. Thus, emerged Sundaram Finance Ltd (SFL) and Madras Motor and General Insurance Co Ltd (MMGI). With his personal involvement, TSS encouraged thousands of aspiring young men to acquire vehicles on their own. Offering a comprehensive range of services, he created entrepreneurs in thousands. The easy financing options, backed by the trust built by TVS for fair dealings, enabled SFL to emerge in quick time a leader in transport finance. 

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