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He breathes cyber security

Tamil Nadu Governor K Rosaiah and Madras University Vice Chancellor Prof R Thandavan referred to the knowledge and expertise of Dr. K Rama Subramaniam in the field of digital forensics.

THEY WERE PARTICIPATING in the inauguration function of the Centre of Excellence in Digital Forensics (CoEDF) promoted by Valiant Voora Educational Systems.

Readers of IE should be familiar with the importance of the subject; through the past year, Rama has been writing a regular column on cyber crimes and on the continuing fight between the highly sophisticated cyber criminals and law enforcement agencies. Founder-Chairman of CoEDF, Rama explains the gravity of the issue and the imperative to deal with it with urgency: “the competence of cyber criminals today surpasses the general competence of forensic professionals. This competency gap needs to be filled with a high sense of urgency. There is a strong need to have comprehensive forensic processes run by those who understand their technology and are able to challenge some of the best technical brains behind cyber crimes.”

Rama was candid in pointing out that one comes across increasing number of instances of cyber attacks on high security establishments and of the serious shortfall in skilled digital forensics professionals across the world including India.

“CoEDF will focus on skills development in the areas of cyber criminology, digital forensics, information security and digital crime investigation processes,” said Managing Director, Voora Anjaneyulu.

The Centre has already signed MoUs with reputed international institutes to bring their flagship certifications – CFIP and CDFP - to the Asian markets. The CoEDF will serve as an education, training, research and consulting organisation focusing on digital forensics.

Rama, starting his career as a chartered accountant, gained global experience as the managing director Theewo Corporate Services based in Lusaka, Zambia and as Group Operations Director of Benetone Group Companies, Bangkok, Thailand. He developed keen interest in information security while pursuing his Masters in Business Administration in the UK and pretty soon, obtaining his doctorate. Since then it has been his passion. Valiant Technologies of which he is the CEO, takes  his mission across several countries and continents.

As pointed out by Governor Rosaiah, there will be great demand for specialists in cyber criminology, cyber security, digital forensics, information security and allied areas especially on the part of police and judiciary. The plans of CoEDF to offer specialised courses through universities and through multiple delivery channels including distance education, should attract wide attention. The expertise of Rama and his passion for training have already been utilised by a vast range of professionals in manufacturing, oil and gas, IT & ITES, logistics, regulators, police and armed forces and judiciary over the last decade.

In the early 1990s Rama worked with IE as its Associate Editor. I have admired him for the several special features which he then presented in IE. I remember him expanding the coverage and reach in other regions like Coimbatore and Orissa. He and I spent nearly a month on producing a comprehensive issue on Orissa. IE is doubly happy over KR expanding his horizons and emerging a specialist in an area of great importance. 
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