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Well-administered State

Sundaram Fasteners moved into Hosur in 1982. Suresh Krishna points to how industrial units have grown in size, diversity and sophistication. This huge success should be replicated across the state, says Krishna.

A third generation descendant of the famed founder of TVS, Suresh Krishna stands tall, both figuratively and literally. He built the business of cold forged fasteners all on his own and continues with the  yen for pioneering: his was the first attempt to shift lock, stock and barrel a radiator cap facility from Europe and enter into long term supply contract to US auto majors. Sundaram Fasteners Ltd. (SFL) was the first to set up a manufacturing facility in China. The company is a  winner of the Total Productive  Maintenance (TPM) Excellence Award.  Suresh Krishna has been spearheading this movement in India.

The leader in the auto component sector, SFL, clocked revenue of Rs 2409 crore during 2014-15 with exports of Rs 900 crore; this was done in a period when the economy, both domestic and global, was through a sluggish phase.

TN’s GSDP second highest

Tamil Nadu is second only to Maharashtra in terms of the state gross domestic product at Rs 976,703 crore. The state has been progressive with very high economic and social indices. In these the state is within the top three in the country. Obviously, this is the result of sustained and solid work done by the government and leadership at different levels, said Krishna.

He then pointed to the very many socially ameliorating schemes introduced in Tamil Nadu that have proved to be models for adoption: “Chief Minister M G Ramachandran introduced the mid-day meal scheme. He recognised one proper meal a day is essential for nutrition and human development. This scheme has been adopted at the national level, as also in several other countries.”

Familiar with the evolution of the Tamil society, Krishna traced the base for sound administration to centuries of scientific practices: “look at Thanjavur. Even during the reign of the Cholas over a thousand years ago, the entire land was terraced like a table that ensured fuller utilisation of water;  rivers and rain water ran through canals, through fields, into tanks and helped recharge ground water. Precious water was conserved and harvested at every level. Such concern continues to this day.”

This business leader also expressed admiration for Tamil Nadu being endowed with a civil administration of high order: “governance is good and is of a high order. There is least interference.”

Krishna pointed to intense competition among states to attract investments, to generate jobs and to create wealth. He suggests the leadership to go all out and market aggressively across the globe. “I do this for the welfare of my 8000 strong employees. It was my dharma. The state leadership should do this for its 7 crore plus population,” he said.


Replicate Hosur

Krishna, who studied literature and German, quoted his German professor: “money is like a deer. It will quietly attend to its work, but will dart with speed at the slightest noise.” There is thus need to retain and build on existing strengths, he suggested.

Sundaram Fasteners moved into Hosur in 1982.  Suresh Krishna points to the spectacular transformation of Hosur: “I am not able to recognise its present face. Industries have grown in size, diversity and sophistication. This success should be replicated across the state.”

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