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Software to assess risk

From an age of no information, we are today in an age where there is an overload of information. Therein lies a challenge. There is the herculean task of ascertaining the facts. And that too in matters relating to finance, where facts are imperative.

S GANESH, CEO Dun & Bradstreet Technologies & Data Services Private Ltd, has 20 years of experience in this crucial field.

Ganesh heads this subsidiary of the 170-year-old Dun & Bradstreet, the world’s leading source for commercial information and insight on businesses. Started as a separate entity in 2007 at Chennai, Dun & Bradstreet Technologies & Data Services focuses on the banking and financial services sector.

Technology that assesses risk

With risk management taking a front seat in all sectors, services of this company have become important. 
Explaining the business model, Ganesh said “We make analytical and scoring solutions for banks and individuals to predict risk.” Containing more than 200 million business records, the analytical wing of D&B, develops the models that assess the risk and assist in credit decisions, rating, marketing and customer segmentation. The technology wing creates software based on the model. The model implemented at the client’s end helps them in decision making during various scenarios.

“Though the installation of the model is a one time activity, we keep updating them periodically,” said Ganesh. The company first analyses the laws of the land and then an in-depth study of the sector is done before creating models for particular clients.

These two activities form the revenue stream of the company. Though a department works exclusively for the parent company, 25 per cent of the works are concentrated for new clients. D&B Technologies specialises iThen rating and scoring models and risk management platforms for banks in the Middle East and Africa.  experience of developed  economies provide an exciting opportunity to implement these models to improve the decision-making of banks. “These countries are smaller in size and have a homogenous economy. We are planning to launch such solutions specific to India. A main challenge is that India is very complex and even in a small metric, behaviours change a lot and hence it is difficult to map India,” said Ganesh.

Focused towards the SME sector

D&B Technologies has also built models for SME segment to help them manage their exposures. SMEs get enquiries from international clients but they lack the infrastructure to evaluate them. “We have started with a pilot scheme in India, which has lots of SME clusters. Once the results are out, we will see how to do a larger marketing or sales campaign in India,” said Ganesh. 

Though there are no close competitors, Ganesh feels that only if more players enter the market, the concept will spread across the society. With rapid changes in technology, the field will take a new projection. Smartphones will become order of the day and this will help in spreading the technology to the end user efficiently and swiftly.

Asia, the Middle Eastern and African economies are evolving rapidly to become the markets of the future, and this development will enhance the need of such specialised, niche products. 


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