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Meet Prof. Hot Chips

R Vasudevan, a first generation entrepreneur from a rural background, is the founder and MD of Hot Chips restaurant chain in Chennai.

FROM SCRATCH, he has built 18 branches employing 1500 people.Impressive! “The fact that Hot Chips
satisfies the culinary requirements of over 30,000 to 40,000 customers daily is a source of immense delight,” he says with a satisfied smile.

Vasudevan’s journey from education to entrepreneurship could inspire many. A professor of commerce in Gurunanak College, his shrewd business sense was awakened when he found the business of the road-side chip vendors in Coimbatore flourishing. He realised that there is business potential in delivering quality food products prepared under hygienic  conditions.His intentions were clear, the stuff must be of excellent quality and the customer must get the chips hot. Hot Chips was born on 6 September 1992 at a small shop in a mall in Nungambakkam.Different varieties of chips were offered to the customers and were encouraged to taste these before purchase. Oil was strictly not recycled. Soon Hot Chips won the heart of Chennaites. New varieties of chips and snacks were added to the menu and were well-received. Vasudevan  was quick to respond to the favourable winds and set up branches in different parts of the city. Hot Chips expanded its products to Chettinad food, snacks, chat items, pizzas,burgers and ice- creams.

How can one forget the coffee offered at Hot Chips? Customers have rated Hot Chips coffee as among the best in Chennai,states a SMS survey conducted by the Chennai  Times.Vasudevan adds that there is a secret ingredient to it, which makes it so special!

Crunchy munchy chips made before you!

Hot Chips outlets were converted into full-fledged restaurants and Hot Chips established its name as a leading brand in Chennai.Customer satisfaction led to soaring sales and Vasudevan kept up the momentum by adding atleast two outlets per year.He prefers self-service to minimise cost and to improve the speed of product delivery. Transparent  kitchens, hygienic products, affordable prices and good quality have helped Hot Chips to stay at the top of the list of popular restaurants in Chennai. Also the adaptability of Hot Chips to the dynamic market environment is so good.

Dedication, many nights of planning,and execution of strategies are behind the success. The focal point has been quality. Vasudevan feels that quality comes with a lot of responsibility and as a responsible hotelier he cares for the health of each and every customer.

Vasudevan feels that his products must be affordable by the middle class. This sense of responsibility to customers has been the key to success. The transparent kitchens keep  the employees on their toes and help the customers reassure themselves that the food is being prepared in a hygienic environment.Efficient service in a pleasant ambience is another factor that contributes to customer loyalty.

Vasudevan has adapted to the changing dynamics in the industry.Despite the large size, he has maintained the flexibility of the organization.

– Hariharasudhan P


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