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EPS comes out of Amma’s shadow

EPS comes out of Amma’s shadow

In recent months I have been expressing concern and agony over the harm caused to Tamil Nadu by chief ministers with charisma but little growth impulses. There had been huge emphasis on populist measures that could win votes but much less focus or vision over the medium and long term for sustained economic development. In this background I notice a welcome realisation by the present chief minister to clear many of the road blocks and approach issues with an open mind. I have referred to the state clearing the elevated road project connecting the Chennai and Ennore Ports pushed into the limbo by Jayalalithaa. After spending several hundred crores of rupees on erecting hundreds of concrete pillars, the state ordered the stoppage of work by NHAI and embarked on litigation; these were prolonged: first before the Madras High Court and later the Supreme Court. The seven year itch had its huge toll on costs. Such instances are aplenty hurting several Central projects, including the gas pipeline. 

The Palaniswami government is happily ending this confrontational exercise. In quick succession one notices the state aligning its approach with that of the Centre. eg: the UDAY scheme that has pulled TANGEDCO back out of the huge mess in which it was: several reforms that were in crying need, in the education sector including streamlining the selection and appointment of vice chancellors, revision of syllabus... dropping the opposition to GST and cooperating with the Centre by providing invaluable inputs, have all helped.

There is the realisation of the government to perform and show visible results. Chief Minister Palaniswami and his senior ministers should improve their communications with different sections of the citizens. 

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