Winds of change…

Klaus Schwab introduced the now widely used term Industry 4.0, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ at Davos in 2016, describing it as ‘the technological revolution that is blurring the lines amongst the physical, digital and biological spheres.’ The first industrial revolution (IR) led to the introduction of machines that used power from

A tax non-compliant society…

I can visualise the packed suit-boot audience feeling uneasy over this widely-known secret revealed by Prime Minister Modi in his address at the Times Now Summit in New Delhi. Three years earlier, presenting the Union Budget 2017, then Finance Minister Late Arun Jaitley made an equally eloquent delineation of this subject:

QUIZ FOR THE DAY – 21-02-2020

Today we present infographics on food grain production from 2005 to 2020 (estimated). Today's quiz: a. India has been increasing its food grain production since 2005. TRUE or FALSE b. What is the record food grain production and when was it achieved? So check out this site for regular updates. Answer:  a. TRUE b. 291 Million tonnes; 2019 - 20

QUIZ FOR THE DAY – 20-02-2020

Today we present infographics on the current account balance and foreign exchange reserves for India. Today's quiz: a. Do you consider the performance of Current Account Balance healthy or otherwise? b. More exports and fewer imports will help to build foreign exchange reserves. True or False  So check out this site for regular updates. Answer:  a. Healthy b. True