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Are we missing a trick to faster development? With upright gait and steadfast look...
With upright gait and steadfast look...
YOU TREAT HER like a goddess, you name rivers after her and she is a precious darling whom you would not even allow to go outside your house. Yes, for the Indian society, women are delicate darlings. Perhaps this notion, well ingrained from childhood, is the chief cause for most crime against women.

Given the benefit of going to work

But later her job description changed. They made her believe that she was an integral part of the society. She was given the benefits of going to work. And why was that? For one, a single salary could not help meet rising prices. She had to shed her shell and take tiny steps amidst caution in the male-dominated world. Things aren’t easy. She has to tide past every meddler. She dare not take umbrage at them lest her personality is would be tarnished with filth. She swallows her agony, pain and stress in stony silence.

  The society teaches her that these small offences are to be tolerated as she is given the liberty of being a part of the larger world. She is mute because she fears that her family and society will revoke her newly found liberty. If she dares to complain about it, things end up against her. Society blames her for the fault. Her provocative moves and exposing attire could have instigated the opposite sex to commit offence against her, would be their reasoning. Right from birth she is molded to meet men’s requirements. Any tangents from this, is termed improper.

Problem of women revolves around women

For such an imbalanced society, many would blame it as male chauvinism. A closer look reveals that the problem of women revolves around women. A mother who chides her daughter to avoid going out, never cares to educate her boy about how to treat a girl. These small acts inside the family have snowballed to rude public behaviour. It is time we stopped advising women not to venture out but teach our sons how to behave. Mass media like cinema and commercial advertisements portray women as commodities of lust. They instill these thoughts in children at a very young age and they are not even aware that certain acts are violence against women. How many movies have shown women being married to the man by whom she had been sexually abused? Such acts don’t seem to be an offence.

It ‘s in the last 20 years that since women, in large numbers have been going for work. Now the IT industry and the BPOs have made even nightshifts common place. Without a proper system that ensures safety and a mechanism to register her woes, these changes have taken place in the society at a rapid pace. For a girl from being raised in the comfort of her home, to moving and working in a metro would be a dream. The glossy world is always an attraction. The age of adventure pushes her to venture unseen places, but her society fails to teach her self -protection. That is where we fail as a society.
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