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From Father India to Mother India
The pieces of advice that the secular intelligentsia is flooding Modi with is thoroughly unnecessary.

Smriti Irani, the articulate TV actor-turned Vice President of the BJP, came with the most insightful comment on the tectonic political change that the 2014 general elections has brought.  The essence of what Irani said in a TV debate was this:

“The RSS is accused of having the remote control over the BJP government. “After all, BJP is a part of the Sangh Parivar. Other political parties are dominated by families of individual  leaders. The Nehru-Gandhi family dominates the INC, Mulayam Singh Yadav’s family dominates the SP; Mayawati dominates BSP; the Karunanidhi family is DMK and so on. 

“There is a fundamental difference between those parties and the BJP. The relationship in the other political parties, between the leader and the party cadres, is that of a master-slave. In the case of RSS and BJP, it is a relationship between a mother and her child.”

It is hence that Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister designate, broke down when Advani used the word ‘kripa’ (grace), that Modi had showed towards BJP. Modi continued his speech by referring to the fact, “for me just as Bharat Mata is my mother, the BJP is also another mother. A son can only do service to the mother, how can he shower grace on her?”


Equality for all, but more equality for minorities!

In short, Modi represents, in sharp relief, the difference between two types of Indians. Those who are traditional and thinking in the native idiom about the country and for whom it is Mother India; and those who look at India through western eyes and for whom it is Father India. This perception of India through western eyes brings the outsider’s perspective. This is at the root of the secularism and pseudo secularism debate. Modi has defined secularism to mean that all are Indians and religion, language and ethnic differences do not matter. On the other hand, for the English educated, western-minded intelligentsia, secularism means ensuring that the religious minorities are speci-

ally protected by way of reservation, quotas, even violating Article 14 of the constitution, offering special programmes and concessions. To quote the famous line from George Orwell’s Animal Farm – for them “All Indians are equal, but the minorities are more equal than others.”

    Narendra Modi was subjected to single-minded hostility and 24x7 scrutiny for the last 12 years. The UPA government and the whole bag of dirty tricks to somehow trap him into a criminal case so that he cannot contest the elections, failed dramatically. Modi has brought about a tectonic change in Indian politics. This is because his critics missed the following points, which were the ground realities:


Gujarat growth

The villagers in UP, Bihar and the east where the BJP was practically invisible if not non-existent, were influenced by the tales about peace, prosperity and the job opportunities available in Gujarat under Modi’s rule in spite of the demonisation by the media and caste-based parties of the Hindu belt. Even in distant Assam, West Bengal and Nagaland, this basic reality persuaded the voters to vote for Modi. No wonder in Assam it was not the Gogoi wave but the Modi wave that prevailed administering a shock to Tarun Gogoi who found to his dismay, 10 out of the 11 constituencies in Assam had voted for Modi.


Vibrancy unrestricted

Narendra Modi represents the best elements of the Gujarati entrepreneurial spirit and has created an industry-friendly, entrepreneur-friendly, wealth and job-creating environment. It is not only Adani and Ambani but also  very large number of entrepreneurs right across the industrial spectrum that have created the vibrant Gujarat.

Above all Modi represents the true spirit of the sanatana dharma, which makes an excellent synthesis between eternal values like treating the whole world as a family (vasudeiva kutumbakam) and also keeping an open mind that welcomes change and all noble ideas. As the Rig Veda says– Aano bhadrah kritovoh yantu vishwataha(Let the noble thoughts come to me from all directions).


Success of SCAM

A Hindu does not mean he is backward looking and only taking pride in the achievements of the past. He is the one who keeps an open mind and welcomes the latest technological development. It is, therefore, not surprising that after the results it is recognised that this election was dominated by the information technology or to put it lightly, SCAMs – Social media, Clouds, Analytics and Mobility, which are the basic pillars of modern information technology. Modi’s campaign exploited SCAM in all senses with deadly effect!

Mother India has replaced Father India. We can therefore, look for a bright future irrespective of the caste or religion to which we belong. The Niagara of advice that the secular  intelligentsia is flooding Modi with, is therefore, thoroughly unnecessary.


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