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In the new-India, each state in the true spirit of healthy federalism competes with the other to perform better. As India gets ready to step into Industry 4.0, we need to realise that the quantum leap cannot be restricted to industry alone. If the city around us does not make

Strengths that are so inviting

Ideally, Tamil Nadu is where more investors should be pouring in their money. Rail, road, port, air and surface transport in abundance provide for easy mobility, while the surfeit of high-quality educational institutions and top-notch hospitals and handsome incentives complete the circle of comfort. If there is one state that global

City Corner

IITM to lead govt’s 5G plans As the world embarks on fifth generation technology, Arun Jaitley, during the budget session 2018, announced that the Department of Telecom will establish an end-to-end testing laboratory in partnership with IIT-Madras, so the country can adopt and master the inevitable technological advances that have already