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China’s pride. India’s envy.

China is setting its sights on enormous opportunities for the export of EVs. Indian leadership doesn’t seem to be fired equally with an urge to leapfrog into the EV technology and fight for space for global leadership. A friend from Japan pointed to widespread interest in Japan switching to hybrid and

Ease of doing agriculture…

CII’s wide range of activities truly helps the Indian industry’s competitiveness, contributing to national development, inclusiveness and sustainability. India is expected to register a growth of 7.0 per cent in 2018-19, making it the fastest growing major economy for the second year in a row. India’s growth rate has shown an

Unprecedented growth. Much discontent and social unrest too!

“India’s quest for growth with social justice has met with mixed results. The economy has grown at unpre-cedented rates. There was significant diversification in industrial output and employment. Per capita real incomes have nearly trebled, and living standards and lifestyles have visibly transformed. Yet there is much discontent and social