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Need for a new integrated energy plan

There is a significant energy transition taking place in the world and India needs a new integrated energy plan. The NDA gets a pass grade while the UPA fails. As we move towards the next general election, let’s compare NDA’s performance in the petroleum sector with that of the UPA. Lower international

A report card on performance

An executive summary of the performance of the various departments of the state edited from monologues produced by the government. Jayanthi Raghunathan and Dr. Narayanan provide a walk through. It’s an indication of how Tamil Nadu is gearing for the future. AGRICULTURE - YIELD ABOVE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE Minister – R Doraikkannu Agriculture

What should be a “RESPONSIBLE” petrol price

As crude oil prices rocketed to $80 per barrel in mid-May and petrol prices reached a historic high of Rs. 78.43 per litre on 29 May in Delhi, the NDA government came under flak. Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, tweeted that NDA can cut petrol price by Rs. 25 per

Why did crude price fail to sky-rocket?

Ever since President Donald Trump led a US walkout of the Iran nuclear deal, oil pundits have been busy writing elegant prose on how oil prices have been strengthening. They changed their previous price forecasts to predict higher prices Oil prices have been heading northward since the beginning of the year

India’s turn to shine in Nuclear Power

With many countries planning to phase out traditional sources of power, nuclear energy production is gaining credence. Although India has put in considerable effort through indigenous efforts, several challenges lay ahead. Nuclear technology has made formidable advances and is now one of the safest sources of energy production. It fares much

Lessons from US shale revolution

Shale revolution in the US has delivered spectacular results through efficient policy management and enticing investment opportunities. What is blocking India from hitting the same bull’s-eye? As predicted by geologist M L King Hubbert, the US oil production peaked at 11.3 million barrels per day (MMBD) in 1970, reaching a low