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The new Titans

Recent years witnessed the rise of corporates in new domains as also the fall of established ones. Remember the dominance of Chrysler, Kodak and GE in the US and their precipitous fall? The IT evolution threw up new giants not just confined to the US but across the globe. New technologies, systems, applications, gadgets and innovations across a vast spectrum are throwing up new, hitherto unheard of enterprises engaged in multiple emerging technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotics promise to bring about paradigm shifts in the way we live. The speed of obsolescence kills reputations and establishes corporations as also facilitates the meteoric rise of new ones. If Facebook and Tesla contributed richly to the Aha appreciation, these appear ephemeral.

In a brilliant look at emerging countries across the globe, the Fortune magazine has shortlisted 50 companies that would record spectacular growth in revenues and profits as also in market cap. These companies, most of them new and little heard of, will be led by the Technology sector followed by Healthcare, Transportation, Media, Manufacture and Food & Beverages. The list is dominated by American and Chinese companies each having a share of 21 out of 50. South Korea accounts for three, Japan for two, France, Thailand and India one each. Kotak Mahindra Bank is the only institution from India that is found in the Fortune Future 50 list applauded for the strident growth in the customer base of the bank from 8 million to 14.5 million between 2017 and this summer. The list included US giants like (market value $856.1 billion), Alphabet (market value $756 billions) and Chinese biggies – Tancent Holdings (market value $345.6 billion) and Alibaba group holding (market value $355.7 billion).
Fortune describes Samsung Biologics, Tesla, Facebook and as high rewards but real risks entities.

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