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In the new-India, each state in the true spirit of healthy federalism competes with the other to perform better. As India gets ready to step into Industry 4.0, we need to realise that the quantum leap cannot be restricted to industry alone. If the city around us does not make the dramatic shift from the old to the new, the new industrial revolution will make the country look like islands of excellence in an ocean of mediocrity. Little wonder the state governments of the day, egged by the Centre, are propelling their cities to become smart.
Tamil Nadu is not just one of the most urbanised states, but the economic development is well spread across the territory right from the capital of Chennai in the north down to Thoothukudi far south. No wonder, eleven of the 100 cities be developed as Smart Cities by 2025 are from Tamil Nadu. No other state has this remarkable distinction. Remember, these were selected through an open competition and not by governmental largesse.
For now improving civic amenities and security, traffic management and parking, development of parks and recreation centres, plus e-governance are contemplated under the smart city architecture because it is here that the hands of the government will be most felt. But, for the cities to really go smart, homes, education and healthcare must become smart. That’s something that will automatically follow. The spread of smart cities with their rich infrastructure and their interconnectivity by road, rail, air and sea provide the investors with plenty of choices.
With the help of R Srinivasan, Executive Vice President, Smart World Communication Business of L&T Construction, we present highlights of the eleven Smart Cities.

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