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Automobile to defence, to aerospace – a logical evolution

‘Land’ is among the most important resources required by the industry. The investor looks for land with good infrastructure and for quality human resources.
“The Revenue Department endeavours to procure land needed by industry. We want to de-congest areas in and around Chennai and encourage development of southern Tamil Nadu,” said Atulya Misra, Principal Secretary, Revenue and Disaster Management.
“There are distinct advantages in locating industrial units near large cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai… We continuously look for large parcels of land suited for industry. For survey and acquisition, we employ specialists familiar with these subjects.
“We also have to deal with a few industry-specific issues. In some cases, a water body in the land identified for the industry needs to be re-routed, or some land parcels exchanged. We have detailed policy guidelines to facilitate these requirements. We endeavour to take the local people along in arriving at a satisfactory solution, ” added Misra.
“In a competitive environment, states vie with one another to attract investments. There may arise the problem of land price. But a better infrastructure can be the deciding factor.
“There are vast tracts of non-agricultural land with rich infrastructure available for industrial development in Tamil Nadu. The land required can be allotted,” said the Secretary.
Misra, who handled the industry portfolio earlier, expressed happiness over proposals coming up for investments relate to frontline technologies. “Many plan to put up their R&D hubs, aerospace units or for manufacturing defence equipment. Logically a strong automobile hub is followed by defence and by aerospace. With the state’s strengths in the automobile, we have a huge opportunity,” said Misra.
Misra, heading also the Disaster Management Department, has been involved in handling the aftermath of the havoc caused by the recent Gaja cyclone that wreaked havoc in central coastal Tamil Nadu.

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