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First in maintaining law and order

Conflict resolution is vital for any country to develop and prosper. It is not possible for a country to develop if the macroeconomic environment is affected by industrial unrest, labour problems or worse, a war.
In the various phases of industrial development, there will be labour issues and problems, competition and conflicts, criticisms by interest groups, etc. The state and, to be more specific, the Police, have a critical role to play in instilling business confidence that will help industry to grow. In a peaceful and conducive environment, economy grows at a healthy pace. Tamil Nadu is an excellent example for this.

Proactive policing

Tamil Nadu police is a highly professional force, well-known for its systematic approach to solving problems. It has the right expertise and experience of diffusing tensions of different kinds. This has been helpful in maintaining law and order. Every agitation, unrest or tension related to industry and business is managed, regulated, contained and ultimately diffused. Labour unrest and activities of trade unions are well handled by anticipation, liaison and negotiations. Any request of the management of an industry has been responded to promptly and adequately. Specific areas and centres such as the IT corridor, SIPCOT industrial estates, SEZs…are well-covered with police presence as well as proactive policing.


In the selection of the 2018 India Today State of the States awards conducted by Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA), Tamil Nadu Police was ranked first in the country for maintenance of law and order. The Chief Minister received the award in person from the Vice President of India This recognition also testified the capabilities of TN Police.
The state government has provided the required infrastructure and support to Tamil Nadu Police. Today it employs the latest technologies and has well-trained manpower. The Police machinery is fully capable of managing any difficult law and order issue. I assure investors that Tamil Nadu is the most suitable state to invest and expand industrial and business activity in the country.

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