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Chennai Mysuru High Speed Rail Line

A dream come true..

In 2007 IE organised a day-long seminar on Corridors of Excellence. Impressed with the rail freight corridors of the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata, the IE seminar suggested a high speed rail corridor between Chennai and Bengaluru.

 Recently the government has mooted a Chennai-Mysuru high speed rail line to be built by the National High Speed Rail Corporation. The 462 km line is to connect Chennai with Mysuru through Poonamallee, Arakkonam, Chittoor, Bengaluru and Mandya. Bullet trains with a maximum speed of 350 kmph can cover this distance in around 90 minutes.

We suggest a few changes: Sriperumbudur has emerged  a strong economic cluster with huge passenger traffic. In terms of viability and usage it would be more advantageous to construct the line along this town. In this process it should also be possible to raise resources from the local beneficiaries. Large companies like Hyundai, Nokia, Saint Gobain, Samsung… could be interested in investing.

With the high cost of land acquisition as also the possible delays, the option of elevated and underground construction at crucial segments could be considered.

 With the change of government in Maharashtra, the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project, launched with great expectations, has got stuck. It is vital to build consensus on such projects over a wider political spectrum.

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