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Dinamalar R Krishnamurthy – A tribute

Dinamalar Krishnamurthy


R Krishnamurthy

The ‘coin-man’ who scripted a new face to Dinamalar

Under R Krishnamurthy (RK) as editor, the leading Tamil daily Dinamalar recorded many-sided expansion. Particularly remarkable was his popularising reformed Tamil fonts that substantially aided typesetting and became the standard. He also researched and transformed the Tamil computer typing system.

Dinamalar’s news coverage expanded, with free bold comments on political developments and policy issues.

While these related to his excellence as an editor, his knowledge and contributions in the field of anthropology, in particular numismatics and decipher of stone inscriptions, were stupendous.

IE had special relations with RK. He welcomed articles on economic issues that ranged from fiscal policies relating to industry, steel, oil, gas… sectors. He joined with IE in campaigning for a fair share of natural gas for the south.

RK has made an immeasurable contribution to unravelling the history of Tamils through his rich knowledge and interest in numismatics. He was conferred the Tholkappiyar Award for his contributions to numismatics.

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