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Welcome CM Stalin

Welcome CM Stalin

Tough Tasks for new government Dravidian parties excelled in implementing several welfare schemes to improve the lot of citizens of Tamil Nadu. While these are welcome,

RPL - Jamnagar refinery

Reliance – the Zero tax Emperor

Reliance - the corporate Brahma... **Cover story** by V.Ranganathan The isa Upanishad opens with the following sloka in Sanskrit:  OM! POORNAMADHAH: POORNAMIDHAM POORNAATHPOORNAMUDHACHYATHE!  POORNASYA  POORNAMAADHAAYA POORNAMEVAAVASHISYATHE !!  OM! SHANTHI:   SHANTHI: SHANTHI:   OM! That (Invisible-Absolute) is whole;

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Dupont Thermo Man in action

Thermo Man – the world’s most advanced, life-sized burn evaluation system.

Welcome focus on  Fire Safety by DuPont DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), headquartered in Singapore, deserves compliment for its consistent focus on industrial safety. DSS organises seminars



Elections – Craving for a TN Seshan

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Elections, elections… crave for a TN Seshan India Today’s prized journalist and news anchor Rajdeep Sardesai concludes his presentations with the epithet: News without noise. In

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The New Normal post- Covid-19

The New Normal post- Covid-19