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India's world cup dreams lay shattered by one rank bad performance by what was otherwise a clinically sharp display. India lost because they were becoming arrogant and full of themselves. They lost because they were attributing everything good to one man, just as has been the practice in politics in recent

Chennai Super Kings – great start

Heat wave sets in The Indian summer is yet to descend in its full glory. As mercury levels begin to rise, many places in Chennai have been declared ‘drought-hit’. According to the sources at the Regional Meteorological Centre in Chennai, heat stress is likely to occur in the interiors of Tamil

Citizen, pull up your socks

What we, as citizens, must do to discharge our responsibility before we charge the government for not doing enough. Cricket is our biggest sport, Bollywood our greatest pastime, and armchair politics, our most magnificent obsession. Our compulsive urge to discuss should normally be considered a great strength in a democracy. But