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Disinvestment of large PSUs

Welcome attention to disinvestment by S.Viswanathan During 2019-20 the government announced an ambitious target for disinvestment.  A bold plan to disinvest a number of reputed and large PSUs was announced with the target to raise handsome resources. This did not materialise during that year with the economy and the market sluggish.

Farmers Protest

Farmers’ or Punjab’s protest? by S.Viswanathan The farmers’ agitation seems essentially an agitation by Punjab. To understand this reasoning, we take you back to the 1960s. Rice is not a staple food of Punjab and it has no buyers. During 1965-66, Punjab produced 1.9 million tonnes of wheat and 0.29 million tonnes of

Real Estate Chennai recovering post pandemic

Real Estate development flourishing in Chennai: Favorable factors for Real Estate flourishing in chennai: 1. Continued growth and expansion of the IT sector not affected by Covid-19 pandemic 2. Pent up demand of the Covid months 3. Steep fall in interest rates for housing 4.Ambitious Government programme assuring hosuing for all with liberal occasions.

Will MODI end the subsidy raj?

With the drop in international LPG price, there has been a significant over-recovery of subsidies on LPG - of Rs 120 per cylinder in May 2020. Now is the ideal time to end subsidies on kerosene and LPG. The government spending zero amounts to subsidise PDS kerosene and domestic LPG has

Reliance – seeking global alignment…

Successful corporations develop a high performance ethic by aligning their entire workforce with the values and vision of the corporation. A high performance culture is built on a shared vision, a shared large purpose, larger than that of any individual or group of individuals and a trust that every individual