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Online education – the new Normal

The other side of online education: a serious threat to employment We have been familiar with  students  wearing neat uniforms, waiting for school buses and entering the school afresh before first bell rings. Thanks to Covid-19, the whole schooling system is under a silent tectonic transformation. No School bus, no early waking

Time to go back to basics

The Annual Survey of Education Report (ASER) highlights the dysfunctional early childhood education (ECE) system. The Draft National Education Policy (DNEP) requires urgent implementation. Since 2005, Pratham has been publishing an Annual Survey of Education Report. ASER assesses the learning levels of rural school children, both in government and private schools.

TN excels in enrolment for higher education

Tamil Nadu is overperforming in terms of both primary and secondary education, achieving almost 100 per cent Net Enrolment Ratio (NER) in primary education. One noteworthy feature is the dropout rate was a mere 0.8 per cent in primary and 1.35 per cent in upper primary education. The school education system

Engineering robots’ minds STEM)…

India has always supported science, technology, engineering and mathematics but the criticism has been that the education is too theoretical. More recently, there is a welcome shift towards making these more practical, fun and experiential. In particular, robotics competitions, catering from elementary schools to colleges, have been one of the