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Auto components are exchange gurglers

IE HAS BEEN pointing to the imperative for the manufacturing sector to aim at generating surpluses of exports over imports. After liberalisation of the economy, with focus on globalisation, manufacturers made liberal use of imports to expand production. In this process there was the absence of concern for developing indigenous

Chennai Mysuru High Speed Rail Line

A dream come true.. In 2007 IE organised a day-long seminar on Corridors of Excellence. Impressed with the rail freight corridors of the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata, the IE seminar suggested a high speed rail corridor between Chennai and Bengaluru.  Recently the government has mooted a Chennai-Mysuru high speed rail line to be

Cairn’s arbitration Case

A Pranabda bequeath... Pranab Mukherjee, as finance minister in 2012, introduced a retrospective amendment to the Income Tax Act in the budget to overturn a Supreme Court ruling in favour of telecom firm Vodafone. Now comes news on the government losing its c case involving a cost of $ 1.4 billion, just

Power reforms – TN’s discomfiture

FOR DECADES Tamil Nadu government has been resisting beneficial reforms of the power sector. Reason:  Dravid- ian parties based  their  electoral strategies on competitive populism. Right from 1967 when the DMK won the state elections for the first time,  these  have  been  constantly expanding the welfare content with liberal distribution

A centre for public finance for TN

In the heydays of the SPIC Group, its head A C Muthiah liberally endowed resources for research and development. The SPIC Science Foundation, the Chennai Mathematical Institute, the SPIC Agro Biotech Centre and the Madras School of Economics (MSE) under the chairmanship of Dr R J Chelliah were established. Another

Writing history from the Indian point of view

“It is our responsibility to write our history. How long are we going to blame the British? (who saw it from their point of view).” Expectedly this statement of Home Minister Amit Shah, at an international seminar at the Banaras Hindu University, has received flak from certain sections. The Hindu,