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Big use of Big Data Analytics

Information in the form of data has become invaluable for making informed business decisions and for formulating future strategies. Known as Big Data Analytics, it has a huge potential in bringing about qualitative improvements. Ever since the advent of computers, the word ‘data’ has been irrevocably linked to these. With the

Overwhelming Chinese flavour

AutoExpo 2020 was a lacklustre event with less participation by OEMS. Economic slowdown and Coronavirus threat saw less than usual participation by leading auto manufacturers at the Expo, making this year’s edition not so exciting. The Expo was dominated by electric mobility concepts and vehicles with a lot of Chinese flavour. Maruti

Winds of change…

Klaus Schwab introduced the now widely used term Industry 4.0, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ at Davos in 2016, describing it as ‘the technological revolution that is blurring the lines amongst the physical, digital and biological spheres.’ The first industrial revolution (IR) led to the introduction of machines that used power from

The smart way to live

IoT has the power to make our lives more connected, more productive and more rewarding. In use and exploited much better by the developed nations, it is hoped other countries, like ours, will also be able to catch up soon. The internet has been around since the early 1980s, linking computers

Future of digital security

In 1991, a group of researchers developed a method for date-stamping digital documents so that they cannot be backdated or tampered. In 2009, ‘Satashi Nakamoto’ used this blockchain technology for Bitcoins. While Bitcoins was its first ever transaction, blockchain has now found lots of other uses. This technology, touted as the