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This unconcern over stalled projects

At the root of the several stalled projects is the law relating to land acquisition. Soon after coming to power, Narendra Modi attempted to pass the bill on land acquisition. The combined opposition wreaked vengeance by stalling this bill in the Rajya Sabha. It was diluted denying the power to

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse

I was reminded of the above lament of Shakespeare’s King Richard II in his final moment at the battlefield. There are interminable delays in deciding on a small stretch of 500 metres of the Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) of the Indian Railway in the Chennai metro. This denies a vital

Metro footfall crosses a lakh

P K Bansal, Managing Director and his creative team at the CMRL have come out with innovative ideas to improve the quality and value of the service. The recent one is extending the service hours of the metro beginning from 0430 hrs extending up to 2300 hrs. The convenient connection


Tamil Nadu has an extensive rail network that facilitates cargo and passenger movement to different parts of the state. Four of the six divisions of the southern railway are located in Tamil Nadu and account for a large share of the network of 5081 route km, moving 55 millions of

Strengths that are so inviting

Ideally, Tamil Nadu is where more investors should be pouring in their money. Rail, road, port, air and surface transport in abundance provide for easy mobility, while the surfeit of high-quality educational institutions and top-notch hospitals and handsome incentives complete the circle of comfort. If there is one state that global