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Likes and dislikes

Many years ago, at an inter-collegiate contest, I wrote an essay on 'If I were the Finance Minister of India.' I wrote that the Income Tax Act must be dumped into the Thames; lock, stock and barrel (those days, nobody called you anti-national if you didn't quote the Ganges). I wouldn't

South still elusive for the BJP

For 15 years, during 1999-2014, DMK was a vital constituent of the Central government. The considerable number of MPs - 12 in 1999, 16 in 2014 and 18 in 2009 in the Lok Sabha - won for the prominent party places in the Central cabinet. Murasoli Maran as Commerce and

Welcome prudence in fiscal management

It was a refreshing contrast: the Tamil Nadu budget for 2019-20 broke away from the tradition set by Dravidian parties of announcing fresh sops and freebies. The surprise was all the more given the elections to the Lok Sabha due in the next couple of months! Deputy Chief Minister holding the