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Seize opportunities for quantum growth

CRISES HAVE OFTEN been the springboard for new disruptive growth. Remember the fiscal crisis of 1990- 91 proving a game-changer to discard decades of state controls - licences, permits and quotas - that heralded the era of liberalisation?There have been myriad suggestions on turning the Covid19 crisis into an opportunity. The

Trade opportunities galore

INDIA’s EXPORTS are stuck around $ 300 billion. for quite sometime With imports not elastic, the trade gap has been widening. In the nine months of the current year (April-December 2018), imports were at US$ 386.65 billion and exports at US$ 245.44 billion. Changes in the geopolitical equations witnessed in recent

A welcome measure to tackle NPAs…

The takeover of the debt-ridden Bhushan Steel by Tata Steel at the cost of Rs 35,000 crore is a watershed in India’s industrial history. Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, at the fag end of UPAII, used to lament over Rs 800,000 crore of investments remaining stuck. Several projects had gobbled up