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Mergers Maze

IN 2019 THE NDA II government seemed well set to take up major reforms of the banking sector. The merger of ten public sector banks (PSBs) into four appeared a well thought measure towards consolidation and building size. There were also clear indications on reducing substantially government share of the

Guide banks to absorb and adopt technology

There is a growing public perception that all NPAs are the result of fraudulent practices. This is not true. Mortality is part of enterprise. In the Silicon Valley, only one out of ten firms is successful. The culture of venture capital accepted failures as standard; these were not stigmatized. In

Mutual Funds March Forward

Banks’ foray into mutual fund business has led to a quantum growth in assets under management. Mutual Funds in India have made phenomenal progress in the recent years. Competing successfully with the commercial banks in attracting the savings of depositors, assets under management (AUM) has grown into Rs.22.41 lakh crore by

Mastering the new realities of India’s banking sector

India’s banking sector is at a crossroads. Traditional players face huge disruptions, while digital growth is propelling changes in technology and customer mind-sets. This period of disruption presents tremendous growth opportunities. India’s banking sector is a study in contrasts: it supports the world’s fastest-growing large economy but is grappling with challenges

Nine more added

With the recent addition of nine, we have 99 cities listed ‘Smart.’ The diversities in the economic conditions of these cities are pronounced. For analysing the economic background of the selected cities, an important indicator is the availability of banking facilities. Based on the limited data available for some of the