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States sugarcane BIMARU 2021

For years the ‘BIMARU’ states were complained of pulling down the growth indicators of the nation. It is a welcome change that these very states are undergoing spectacular transformation through the focus on development and jobs

Divorcing an Unholy Marriage

In the winter of 2014, when J&K threw up a hung assembly, the BJP joined hands with the PDP to form the government out of national interest. A little under four years later, the BJP got into splitsville, again due to the national interest. With the general elections due in

Deal with Sterlite as Jayalalithaa did with Koodankulam

In our last issue (IE- May 2018) we pointed to Tamil Nadu earning the notoriety as the agitation state of India. This is largely a result of the absence of decisive action by the government. Almost every opposition party along with other interested groups jump into the fray at every opportunity.

Global meets galore

States vie with one another for attracting investments. Development is receiving much needed attention against the familiar offer of freebies. From Assam to West Bengal to Maharashtra, states have been organising global investor meets with several developed countries as partners and road shows spread across the country with Chief Ministers making