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Agribusiness affected by absence of sanctity of contracts

Enforcement of agriculture contracts appear near impossible. Look at the experience of thousands of absentee landlords unable to get even their legitimate modest share of the produce for decades and selling off the property at distress prices. The recent controversy over PepsiCo potato patent raises key questions including protection of IPR


There should be great relief over the lengthy election process coming to an end. The relief is for a large number of political parties, thousands of candidates, the Election Commission and of course, to the public. Spread over two months, especially during the sweltering heat of summer, the process appeared

Ease of doing agriculture…

CII’s wide range of activities truly helps the Indian industry’s competitiveness, contributing to national development, inclusiveness and sustainability. India is expected to register a growth of 7.0 per cent in 2018-19, making it the fastest growing major economy for the second year in a row. India’s growth rate has shown an

No more palliatives

“Terms of trade are favouring the urban middle class at the cost of the farmers,” said former Finance Secretary Dr S Narayan. Speaking at the Triplicane Cultural Academy, Narayan pointed to food inflation kept low: “production of foodgrains is high; states like Madhya Pradesh have registered agri-growth by 10 per cent

A report card on performance

An executive summary of the performance of the various departments of the state edited from monologues produced by the government. Jayanthi Raghunathan and Dr. Narayanan provide a walk through. It’s an indication of how Tamil Nadu is gearing for the future. AGRICULTURE - YIELD ABOVE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE Minister – R Doraikkannu Agriculture


Under the Indian Constitution, agriculture is in the concurrent list. The states have a significant say in framing agricultural policy and implementation. This is often not in sync with national policies and requirements. The federal government allocates considerable resources and massive subsidies for food production and consumption. It also has

IE 1968-running

Over the last 50 years, a few happenings grabbed our attention. And we have taken a strong stand on some of these. Here’s an incomplete list. THE teenage YEARS The 20th annual issue (Jan-Feb 1990), a 200-page tome began with a dramatic statement. Editor Viswanathan said that the most signifiant aspect of

Freeing the shackled GM technology

Six year old ‘genome editing’ technology, with exceptional applications in agriculture and medicine, is sweeping the world of biotechnology. Although modern biotechnology began in India on a big note with the establishment of the Department of Biotechnology in the mid-1980s, the progress of commercialising products through Genetically Modified crops and animals

Modernised farming for modern times

It's time to herald ‘Integrated farming system,’ a novel and all-encompassing ideology which aims at making agricultural processes sustainable. This arrangement offers a win-win situation for both farmers and consumers. The Green Revolution, unleashed in the late 1960s, succeeded in achieving food security for India. For that, we must thank the

To the farmer’s aid…

A university-farmer connect promises better communication and networking, regular contacts and sharing common goals. The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has played a significant role in modernising agriculture. The university has been training farmers and on improved farm technologies and practices. Connecting Farmers with University (CFwU) is an integrated programme