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Agribusiness affected by absence of sanctity of contracts

Enforcement of agriculture contracts appear near impossible. Look at the experience of thousands of absentee landlords unable to get even their legitimate modest share of the produce for decades and selling off the property at distress prices. The recent controversy over PepsiCo potato patent raises key questions including protection of IPR

No more palliatives

“Terms of trade are favouring the urban middle class at the cost of the farmers,” said former Finance Secretary Dr S Narayan. Speaking at the Triplicane Cultural Academy, Narayan pointed to food inflation kept low: “production of foodgrains is high; states like Madhya Pradesh have registered agri-growth by 10 per cent

Rice, the prized crop of Asia

Do you know that rice is not grown much beyond the Asian continent? With 2.5 billion more mouths to feed by 2050, there is urgent need to improve productivity. “Sixty is the average age of farmers in rice-producing countries. Men have moved out to other sectors. Increasingly women are getting into

Coffee crops hit by recent rains

For two years 2016-17 and 2017-18 there was a fall in production of coffee. While domestic consumption doubled over a decade, according to the Coffee Board, exports have not been promising. The recent extensive damage caused by rains predict a steep fall in production of coffee in the coming season. “There