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Tribute to V.Narayanan

A Consummate Corporate Manager For over 60 years V Narayanan (VN) contributed richly to the evolution of Indian management. Soon after graduation in 1959, he joined Unilever-  London, at the age of 21. Returning to India after nine years, he joined Chesebrough Pond’s Inc in the marketing department, became its chairman

Buta Singh – the Sardar who sabre-rattled…

Buta Singh, a loyal associate of Indira Gandhi, was Home Minister in the Rajiv Gandhi government during 1986-89. As a supporter of Operation Blue Star, that eliminated the Bhindranwale resistance from the Golden Temple, Amritsar, he earned the displeasure of sections of Sikhs.   Singh was excommunicated by the Akal Takht

At last, light is seen at the end of the tunnel

The concern for protecting environment is understandable; but should there be unconcern for the rule of law and benefits to 14 lakh commuters? Recently There was widespread agitation in Mumbai against the location of the maintenance shed for the Mumbai Metro-3 project at the government-owned Aarey Milk property. There was the

Voted for decisive action

The 68-year-old Narendra Damodardas Modi cruises to a second term in office. With that, he becomes the first non-Congress Prime Minister to return to power for a full five-year term. The BJP has won over 300 seats and with its partners, the NDA has a stunning tally of 350. The

BJP outwitted in Karnataka

If there is one welcome outcome from the fast-moving political developments in Karnataka, it is the arrival of a young professional leadership in the Congress. It had learned the lessons from Goa, Manipur and Assam and was not to be outwitted by the BJP again. For the first time, the Congress

A case for simultaneous elections

With every election to a state, the quality of campaign deteriorates. In the race-to-the-bottom, all civility is thrown to the winds. Look at the address of Congress President Rahul Gandhi after BJP’s Yeddyurappa resigned his two-day term: “Prime Minister Modi will accept a man accused of murder as the President of